Report on the Legacy Education Project by C. Glembocki

We are continuing our outreach programs to the three diocesan school districts of Washington DC, Arlington VA, and Baltimore MD. It is our goal to eventually reach 207 schools and 38,446 students. We distribute DVDs of “The Nine Days that Changed the World” along with lesson plans for educators using the DVD in their classrooms. We also disseminate posters of St. John Paul II, posters from the Canonization, and “Interesting Facts About Saint John Paul II” leaflets to all schools. The Relics Leaflet Project now includes an audio CD and a power point presentation, holy cards with relics, books, medals, and bookmarks. Avenues of distribution include meetings with principals in the three diocesan school systems and through parish adult education classes.

Plans are underway to distribute the DVD “Nine Days That Changed the World” at the National Council for Social Studies in Boston on November 21-22, 2014, along with holy cards and lesson plans.

We completed two comprehensive educational leaflet projects this past year: “Interesting Facts About Saint John Paul II” and “The Relics of Saint John Paul II”. Graphic designer Carla Tomaszewski actualized the leaflets. Paul A. Brazinski, a Ph.D. student of relics at The Catholic University of America, helped us develop a CD with a power point presentation suitable for high school students and adult education classes. We premiered this presentation at the Wadowice-on-the-Potomac event on October 19, 2014. It covered the origins of relics, their importance to Christianity, the classification of relics, explanation of reliquaries (relic holders), and finished with the relics of St. John Paul II.

Two bronze busts of Saint John Paul II, designed by Gordon Kray, will be placed at the St. John Paul II Seminary and the Columbus School of Law Library at Catholic University in the spring of 2015. The funds for this project were donated by the estate of Carl and Jean Sharek.

Advisory Council Members for the Friends of John Paul II Foundation, Washington, DC Chapter are: Rev. Dr. Raymond Studzinski (Catholic University), Dr. Piotr Kosicki (University of Maryland, currently on sabbatical at Stanford University), Mr. Paul Brazinski (Ph.D. Student at Catholic University), and Monsignor Robert Panke (St. John Paul II Seminary). We solicit members from various local institutions to advise and counsel us on our legacy and educational projects.


John Paul II Educational Legacy Project Travels to Boston

GlembockisCecilia and Raymond Glembocki, Exhibit Chairpersons, traveled to Boston with the Polish Perspectives Exhibit of the American Council for Polish Culture to present at the annual National Council for Social Studies Conference (NCSS). A total of 4,367 educators attended the event, held at the Hynes Center during November 21-22, 2014. This was a record-breaking year for attendance. Five people represented the Polish Perspectives exhibit: Debbie Majka, Honorary Counsel of the Polish Embassy from Philadelphia; Dr. Andrej Pronczuk from the Boston Affiliate; Jason Franzen from the Minnesota Polonia; and the Glembocki’s.

In addition to St. John Paul II and Jan Karski (who was a Polish diplomat, activist, professor, and author), we featured Jamestown’s Polish Craftsmen and notable Poles, including Matt Urban. We distributed posters along with bookmarks, books, the DVD “Nine Days that Changed the World,” “Interesting Facts About St. John Paul II” leaflets, books from Aquila Polonica, “Life in a Jar” books, and other DVDs. Teachers loved the Jan Karski books and the CD along with the bookmarks and posters. The educators were very interested in the sainthood of our Polish Pope. We distributed twenty DVDs to Catholic schools. Bookmarks of St. John Paul II were very popular among the educators.

In sum, the materials taken by the educators included 2,000 bookmarks, 275 CDs, 250 posters and a dozen books. If you stop to ponder that each teacher has access to more than 125 students per semester, the impact that he/she has with our materials is significant. It was exhilarating to be part of the conference and share the significance of our St. John Paul II and the impact he had and continues to have, upon the world.